Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Story of Mrs. F.A. Tasse's Parlours, Part Four


-who also went by the name of Maybelle Starlight, was lovable and anything but tamable. She earned the nick name Mad, because once her loving nature was disturbed, she could be as frantic or fuming as an old wet hen. Some called her mad because they thought her crazy, and some called her crazy when they meant mad. In any event, she could be one of these, or all at once. Mad Maybelle stuck.

She was often lacking in common sense, her reason was questioned because she appeared to be somewhat unrestrained and sometimes wildly excited to the exclusion of the world around her.
Her words and voice could be loud, offensive. She rarely wore a brassiere or corset in public and when she met someone who cast a rather long glance below her neck, she would often say in a very coy voice, ‘Pardon my tits’ or ‘ain‘t they fine?’, just to get a rise out of the person who was gawking at them. Sometimes she would say it in a way to disconcert or repel other women who might look down upon her. From time to time she would pretend to have the vapors, throwing the back of her hand across her forehead, gasp and then laugh hysterically when she got a rise out of a particular gentleman, if he was gentlemanly, that is. When she thrust her head back, she inhaled and pushed her chest up and forward.

When Maybelle was born, her mother cried for months and months, having never wanted her. Because she was afraid people would call her Ma-Belle, she added the Y, having never wanted to name her. As a baby, Maybelle had to cling to her mother’s side, begging to be loved, as her mother didn’t love her. That’s why she became so persuasive, which appeared as desperation wanting
love. Standing on her head and acting up in fits and giggles, a little bit crazy while seeking her mother’s approval, having never been given any.

When her mother picked her up, she wanted to be down. When her mother put her down, she wanted to be picked up. She could never be satisfied in knowing exactly what her mother wanted from her, having never wanted anything from her, and so her mother gave her nothing at all.
The people saw. They saw every bit and knew that her momma didn’t want her so they loved her up as much as they could. Called her honey, love and sweet thing.
Still, it was never enough and certainly no replacement for a momma.

As Maybelle grew into a young woman, she found early that she gathered the attention of men who knew nothing about her at all. In turn, she was very fond of the male form, enthusiastic and aware while in the company of men and strangers. At an early age she had sexual encounters with boys her age. A sneak here, a kiss there, she found elation in penetration.
She demonstrated that she was interested in rough and uncultivated sex in fields, parks or gardens. While she loved a common old fashioned fuck, what really turned her on was when she bent over a bed, a chair or a chest of drawers and was entered from behind, dog fashion. She was told she could not carry a baby this way, enjoyed a fat and loaded cock shoved gently and slowly up the rear, instructed to start off slow with short and gentle strokes and then finished off with long hard thrusts. Her breasts exposed, play toys for titillation. She would place her fingers inside of her vagina and stroke her frontal wall with thoughts of autoeroticism.
Sometimes she used dildos, beads or other sex toys as an aid, which was an offense to pure and moral standard. While it was subject to condemnation and social conservatism, she considered anal and vaginal sex a normal part of life and enjoyed it as much as her own breath.

There was no need for lubrication as she was ordinarily wet with desire. She generally exploded in riveting orgasm while her partner came inside of her rectum. Sometimes she would let him enjoy a bit of fetish, allow him to pull out and she would suck him off while he screamed and moaned with pleasure and delight.

Maybelle had a black pit bull name Addie, waited for her outside. She could be seen walking through town with that old dog following at her feet. The respected women of the town saw that dog and turned away with hatred and disgust. The men thought of how Maybelle liked to be entered from the rear and became aroused.
The dog fashion became her trademark.

Many years later she suffered the abrupt onset of headache, backache, rapidly rising fever, nausea, and black vomit. Her liver was already weak from years of drinking alcohol, so when the fever penetrated her lymphatic system and attacked her vital organs she became haggard looking quickly, skin yellowed with jaundice. In just a few days she was wrought with high fever, hemorrhages, seizures, severe muscle pain and delirium, a week later she was dead.

-End part four

Written by Steve Hough

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