Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Story of Mrs. F. A. Tasse's Parlours, Part Five

The Story Part Five


Candy Sugartits was born Caress, given the name Candy when she was very young. Because she developed at an early age, was teased and called: Sugar tits. She was brutally honest and very vocal about it. She had perfect breasts, and she loved them and the attention which they brought. She walked around the brothel most days without a stitch to cover them. In fact, her favorite thing to wear was but a pair of thigh high stockings striped vertically from thigh to toe, in dark rose and white with a pair of ankle strapped high heels. There was a strap just below, and another just above the ankle. If she wore anything at all, she wore a light white gauze shirt that was see-through and sure to catch the attention that her breasts demanded. Sometimes she only wore a scarf or beads, with nothing else at all.

Candy was attractive to men, they called her Sugartits. Soft and sweet as honey. An image was produced by a photographer at Mrs. Tasse’s that reflected her style and confidence. She sat on a bar stool with back to the bar. Alcohol posed behind her, she leaned back in comfortable form, and with a cigarette in her hand, she cupped and lifted her right breast as if it was an offering for the voyeur and lens. She had a nightgown pulled off of one shoulder, exposing herself to the photographer. It was etched there upon the glass. She crossed her stockinged legs at the knee, revealing the underside of her left thigh. She wore a large hat with an ostrich feather, and high heeled boots laced up to cover the calves.

Dickie Longerboner met Candy for the first time, having paid for ‘Pinky’s Special’ which guaranteed under-fucking with a woman on top, tits in your face with extra lady to play with your balls and blow wind up your asshole while playing with a goose quill feather. He had worked extra hours and engaged in a little petty larceny to be able to afford the luxury at two dollars and seventy five cents.
When he first laid eyes on Candy Sugartits, he went weak in the knees. She was ravishingly beautiful, a sheer temptress standing there in her striped stockings, striped vertically from thigh to the toes, from the toes back up to the eye. You could follow the gaze of the man who laid eyes on her. When she winked at Dickie, he almost fainted. It took three ladies full of strength to get Dickie and his pocketbook upstairs to Miss Sugartit’s bedroom and place him on the davenport. Starlight Sateen helped to lead the way. Candy kept a bottle of straight rye whiskey on the table next to her bed. She often made old-fashions for herself and the girls, but the men liked to drink it straight. There was generally laughter and screaming coming from her boudoir. She was forever popular with the boys and men.

The ladies jostled Mister Longberboner a bit, then gave him a shot or two of rye whiskey, unzipped his pants and pulled his penis free of the binding of his underpants, began to tickle his balls. Within a few minutes, but seemingly sudden, Dickie had an enormously erect penis. His scrotum tightened and they coaxed his head a bit and the foreskin gradually retracted, exposing his soft pink and shiny glans.

One of the ladies left the room, leaving Dickie, Sateen and Candy alone together. When Dickie was able to regain the feeling in his body, and the nervous quivering stopped, he looked at Candy who pointed to a screw in the ceiling. There was a large ring dangled there upon the screw and a fish net sling tied up to the eyehook ring. The sling, just dangling there. Sateen helped Dickie strip all the way down to his socks, and nothing else, and then Candy climbed into the fish net sling. Her ass sunk to the bottom of the net, lower than the rest of her body. Her legs were forced, thrust upwards and out of the sling in a splay-legged fashion, revealing her plump and puckered cunt which was poking through the fish net sling. Sateen helped Dickie onto the bed, his orbs nearly popped out of their sockets, erection so stiff he thought it might explode. He scrunched up under the sling-sack and Sateen poked his enormously fat boner up into Miss Sugartit’s bulging clit and vulva. He began to thrust about a bit while Sateen started to spin the hammock in slow undulating circles, slowly at first.

As she spun slowly, Dickie’s cock was rotated clockwise as her cavernous clit tightened and twisted upon his cock. It rotated slowly, in and out, round and about. Her twat clamped tightly, twisted his pecker at least one hundred and eighty degrees before it popped back into its natural position. The sling gyrated around and around, while his cock rotated, twisted, and then popped back into place like a cork in a bottle.

Sateen was spinning slowly while lightly dusting Dickie’s nuts with an ostrich feather. The tickling sensation nearly caused Dickie to go slack, but the overall feeling kept him awake while his eyes rolled back and up into their sockets, threatening to
completely close them forever.

Just then, Sateen spun Sugartits counterclockwise and then clockwise again. Dickie started to moan and groan and he implored Sateen to spin the pendulum faster and faster and faster, when all at once, just as Dickie was about to cum, the hook and screw broke loose from the ceiling and Sugartits full weight was dropped in a shocking and dramatic SPLAT upon Dickie’s pelvis, pushing his left and right testicle, scrotum sack and all, between his thighs, nearly rupturing his left nut.
She landed on him with an expulsion of squirting and gushing cum which oozed and drizzled down his hips and thighs. They nursed his swollen testicles and licked the cum from his body.

The words she heard behind her back were,
shameless, hussy, tart and strumpet.

She was murdered in a back alley one year, never to be seen, heard from or cared about until a photograph of her image was revealed, long after her death. The right tit displayed, cupped and pushed
forward as an offering to the voyeur.

-End Part Five

Written by Steve Hough

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