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The Story of Mrs. F. A. Tasse's Parlours, Part Six


Jimmy Snapbean was a friend of Dickie’s. Tall and lanky, a bit goofy-looking perhaps. Snapbean was a chef down in the Quarter. He owned a restaurant and saloon, provided nourishment for the parched and hungry. Got the name snap bean for his Spring mix and snap beans with Créole tomatoes. Known for his chicken and andouille sausage gumbo; corn macque choux; red beans and rice with smoked ham; muffuletta pasta salad; shrimp and crawfish étouffée; Cajun fried turkey with pistolettes; and pecan praline bread pudding with chantilly cream.

Sex and liquor were two of his favorite pastimes. Dickie had told him all about the eye-hook and feathered quill. Snapbean didn’t want to miss out on all of that fun. He was used to chasing the ladies in his employ around, caught a few here and there. Most often, there was always challenge and fuss. Something about the cribs and the anticipation engaged his desire and lust in a more exiting and compelling way. The paid whores were more open to lustful and erotic behavior. When Snap shot his wad in the cribs, it brought forth an intensity unlike the chasing sex he was used to. In one situation he was the aggressor, stalked and teased, coerced. In the other, we was welcomed, persuaded, coaxed and could tease, be ravished more freely. He felt more exposed and that turned him on. He preferred cheap sex and free sex but with the paid and a little sweet talk, he usually got more than he bargained for.

He ran that restaurant and saloon with a smile, all the while through intimidation and greed, he coerced and stole as much money as he could get his hands on. He hated to part with it unwisely. He short-changed people for what he felt that he was lacking.
When he showed up at Mrs. Tasse’s, several of the girls were lounging around the parlour in dress and undress. The Madame was adorned in a white Victorian touring hat wrapped in white organza. On top of the hat was mound of ostrich feathers piled high which helped to lengthen and elongate her form. Her hair was upswept into the hat. She had professional aire about her, wore a long sleeved shirt buttoned at the neckline, closed with a cameo brooch. She also wore a locket in gold, waist cinched and buckled tight, along with a long and flowing dark saffron colored velvet gown.

Her bordello was not the most opulent, however there was a rather large chandelier in the parlour and it certainly wasn’t one of those clip joints where you would expect to get hit with jive talk while your pockets were being rifled through by the creeps and crawlers.
Snap was too smart for that, besides, that’s what he specialized in. He could spot the scam when it was place before him. Mrs. Tasse while thrifty, did not have larceny in her heart, she ran a neat and tidy juice joint.
There were heavy draperies, velvets and overly-carved furniture with lavish and luxurious pillows. There were art pieces in ivory and mahogany, pictures on the walls reflected the gold in their frames. There were statues of nudes, a leopard skin rug, and crystal candelabras, gaudy and bold. It was dimly lit and nonjudgmental. There was a dreamy quality to it, a house that offered a world of sensual delights and sexual possibilities.

Blue was sitting in the corner dressed in a beautiful violet peignoir with turquoise marabou feathers. She wore sparkling shoulder length earrings, but they were difficult to see with her chestnut hair aflame in the parlour glow. They reflected the watery sparkle in her eyes which looked like puddles of shimmering diamonds. Her thighs, legs and feet were bare. She looked like a portrait, lounging there. Upon her head was a plum colored Pork pie hat with a peacock feathers on one side.
The iridescent blue and green, a striking accent.

Claudine was wearing nothing at all. She turned to look at Snapbean when he walked in, flashed him a dazzling but crooked smile. On her head was a mess of raven tousled curls. An ox horn comb pulled her hair up and together on one side in the back. Her eyebrows were thick and dark, her eyes the color of charcoal. The nose was fat and bulbous on the tip, contrasted with tight-set lips that were trying to hide her gap-toothed teeth, however her lips couldn’t hide them, and so she beamed at Snap. She was sitting up against the arm of the velvet covered davenport, arms casually posed in her lap. Her breasts were full and they hung low, significant and generous. The areola’s were the size of Morgan silver dollars, captivating in diameter. They were a dark, reddish and brown, they appeared nearly as dark as her hair and the shadow that fell upon them. Her nipples were a deep rose in color, fat and protruding. When she saw Snap she got goose bumps, and a contraction of the smooth muscle therein upon the breast, and the nipples became sexually erect, a release of oxytocin. She raised a hand and lightly caressed the left which brought a flood to her senses, perhaps her mind thought of orgasm. Her right leg was stretched out upon the cushion, her left leg raised, knee pointing upwards. Snapbean’s eyes went directly to the space where they came together, but all he could see was shadow. She wiggled her toes as if to gesture a private greeting. Jelly Roll Morton was playing softly on the piano in corner, Claudine stood up and started dancing gently and singing softly. She twirled lightly around the room where she had found her niche.
Without a critical audience, she felt free and unburdened.
Snapbean was captivated.

He was fully expecting the royal treatment when Claudine caught his attention. The Madame showed him the menu. He glanced it over, up and down, around and around and his eyes landed on: Dry Bob forty-nine cents. He enquired about the dry bob, and wondered, what was it? When he found out it was sex without ejaculation, doing it ‘dry’ he said, fuck that shit and laughed deeply. He ordered, ‘The French Maid’ for a two dollars and seventy-five cents, which was a hard-on rub, guaranteed to make cum. With this selection came a free back-scuttling where Snapbean could stick his fingers or cock up inside her anus, but he was to stay out of her vagina with his penis, but he could use his fingers.
One small treasure on the menu said that she would tickle his nuts with a feather, if he so desired. He could also get a free old fashioned fuck for two-fifty. One of the selections was watching a fucking match, while another woman jerked him off. Or, he could have his prick sucked while sucking a woman’s cunt. There was no discount for cash. The Madame offered stink fingers and jerk off matinees every Wednesday from two thirty to four.
If you're not a self starter, stay home and jack yourself off. Choices, choices.

Okay, right. So Snapbean is in the dirty room and Claudine tells him to strip down naked while she lays across the bed, writhing and clawing at her body. She begins to moan and implores him to undress slowly. She tells him she wants him to keep his socks and work boots on and nothing else. She lays there playing with her nipples and stroking her vulva, sticking her finger inside of herself and then pulls them out and sucks them off.

Snapbean undresses slowly, removes his boots and then steps back into them, unlaced. He is standing there in work boots and socks, totally nude. Claudine grabbed the bed sheets and stuffed them to her face and let out a muffled scream. He was gorgeous.

He was wearing a pair of 18th century spectacles that were slightly darkened and highlighted his curly black locks and hair. He had a thick black mustache. His body was both lanky and bony, but his chest and arms were muscled, hairy and fine. His skin was nearly pearl white, translucent with blushes of pink.
His tits were rosy pink, the size of quarters. His cock was massive and immense, the head was fat and round, fattened like a plum. He had thick black hair that enveloped the shaft of his penis, curled and frazzled, demanded attention. His thighs were thick, legs elongated, lengthened his form.

He stood with his legs apart, his enormous cock made Claudine swoon, it dangled before her eyes, unbound. The color of oyster flesh, it was both strong and veined, filled with desire, muscle-heavy and weighted.
His penis began filling slowly and relaxing as it stiffened, tempting and teasing. It hung down nearly to his mid thighs, stiffened again, and relaxed as if it needed help to raise it free it from its wicked weight.

Claudine nearly fell off the bed while trying to throw herself at him. She jumped into his arms and wrapped her legs around his hips, mouth open and hunger strong.
She wished that she could eat his face and she slobbered all over him, tongue wetted, teeth and lips gently biting, fingers clawing at his back.
He laid her gently on the bed and then he began to turn slowly so that she could get a good look at him. The back of his legs were muscled from the calf to the thigh, his buttocks were pink and round and rode high. They were suitable for slapping and spanking. He turned around, cock now fully engorged, Claudine began to whimper.

She looked at Snapbean out of the corner of her eye and told him she was but an innocent French Maid, fragile and frail. She said her daddy caught her playing with her vagina in the outbuilding behind their house. Her father was furious with her sin and ordered her inside to clean her bedroom, in the nude. She told Snapbean she was ashamed and weak, needed help lifting the heavily carved davenport against the wall. It was in need of a good dusting and needed to be measured. Snapbean raised one eyebrow above the spectacles and Claudine climbed slowly off the bed, lifted her leg revealing her plump vulva. Snapbean’s penis stood at attention. Claudine had him sit in the middle of the davenport while she got down on her knees and parted his legs. She began to softly bite the tip of his penis. She licked at it and sucked the head. She grabbed it with one hand and twisted it in her mouth. Snap’s head collapsed backwards against the davenport. She took his scrotum in her mouth and massaged his testicles with her lips and tongue and then ran her lips up and down the side of his engorged penis, and then, she took his testicles in her mouth and tried to swallow them. Snap began to moan loudly and slouched down into the cushion. She pulled her mouth from his penis and then stood on the sofa with both feet on either side of his hips. She opened her legs and wrapped her thighs around his head and thrust her wet and throbbing vagina on top of his mouth and nose, bumped and grinded it there while clawing the back of his head gently and rough with her fingers and nails. Snap brought his chin forward, and thrust his mouth and lips up inside of her, tongue as far as it would go. She was wet with scent of swampy urine, nearly dripping with desire. He went wild and tried to bury his entire face inside of her. A few minutes later, she raised her hips above him and straddled the soft by placing her left and right foot up on the arms of the sofa. Stretched over him and balancing there as if she were a tightrope. Using his face as a fulcrum, she rested her full weight tightly over his nose and mouth, she bounced up and down just a little bit. He grabbed at her thighs and pulled him tighter onto his face, her wetness enveloped him and he turned his face quickly, gasping for quick breaths of air and then return to the warmth and moistness of her vagina. She called out softly while moaning, ‘Is daddy happy with the way I am measuring the sofa, is daddy happy, oh daddy, oh daddy baby, is this the way daddy likes it? I’ve been a good girl. Tell me daddy, do you like it? I’m begging you.’ He could only moan let loose a flurry of muffled cries.

Then she got on her knees and slowly lowered her snatch over Snapbean’s long stiff and throbbing cock. She slouched down, nearly collapsing and dropped her full weight on him, sagging a bit until she got a good and tight grip on the thing. Once situated comfortably, she began to bounce softly like a trollop while Snap laid there with his tongue hanging out of his mouth lolling and waggling a bit, eyes rolled back in their sockets, eye-glasses askew across the top of his forehead.

He pulled his glasses from his face, and tossed them to the floor. He pulled her in closely where he began to kiss the nape of her neck, soft kisses on her shoulder. She could feel the heat from his breath, he moistened her armpit with tongue and spittle. He tickled her thighs with the tip of his fingers, stopping briefly as he pushed her breasts up to his mouth and began again with soft kisses, daubing and dashing his tongue against her nipples.

Her skin began to tingle with excitement and she started to squirm, breath becoming small and then gassping. Their heart rates were accelerating, speeding into a blur. Blood was flowing fast and free through their bodies, and just then, Claudine slowed down and began to push and pull, up and down in long, slow and even strokes, enjoyed the journey as it moved along. Her breath deepened and Snap thought he would explode in orgasm while Claudine implored him to hold on and pace himself.
And then she softly cried out,

At that moment, Claudine begged him to cum inside of her. And he did, thrusting and pushing as hard as he could to feel that he was up and inside the depth of her. Then she began to climax, and ejaculate, squirting cum even as she pulled off of him. She wanted him to enjoy seeing her juices as she fell over and off of his dick. Then she slowly slid to the floor and collapsed in a puddle of her own fluid.
Snapbean started to shiver and quiver in fits of chill and excitement. He grabbed his penis and stroked, it wet and slippery, covered in ejaculatory fluid. Then he got down on the floor with her, and finished cleaning off her crotch with his tongue, lapping gently at, and inside of her anus.

Daddy was happy.

-End of part six

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