Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How To See Savannah on your Ass, or By Bus

How To See Savannah On Your Ass

I got the idea for, “How to see Savannah on your ass while trying to whisk friends and family around town without a car. Many simply could not keep up with my fast walking pace, and my desire to show them the marvels of the city in three days or less. I simply cannot stand having company for more than three days, plus two travel days for them. I figure that adds up closely to four days of company, five in reality, and its simply enough. Then, get your ass out of my home and go back to yours.

Happy to see you come, sorry to see you leave.
On most days, with company, we would start off walking with my two dogs on a string, and before long, we would have to stop and sit on a bench or front porch, while the weary walkers could catch a breath and enjoy sitting in the many public squares, cemeteries or parks, there. I remember saying to my mother one day, as she sat at every other square, I should write a book called, “How To See Savannah On Your Ass Or By Bus”.
The joy is in the journey, and sometimes it’s best to sit and rest a spell, even if it’s on your ass.

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