Friday, October 14, 2011


These are some of the images that inspired me to write my short story, "This is the story of Mrs. F. A. Tasse’s Capricious Capsulation Parlours and Whore House: A Parade of Sluts, Wild Women and Hussies. New Orleans, Circa 1890

My story is my creative interpretation of E. J. Bellocq's life in and around the French Quarter in New Orleans at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. My story is based on the "Menu" and other images shown below. This menu was found in an old home that was restored & converted into a B&B, it is believed that the menu is actually from New York. This led me to research the prostitution district in the French Quarter, which in turn led me to photographs by E.J. Bellocq and others, which insired my story.
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Images in order: 1. E.J.Bellocq Reclining nude 2. E.J.Bellocq Masked Nude 3. E.J. Bellocq Destroyed Glass Plate 4. E.J. Bellocq Sitting Nude 5. E.J. Bellocq Knealing nude 6. E.J. Bellocq destroyed glass plate from the elements 7. E.J. Bellocq Image with Flowers 8. John Singer Sargent, image typical of French Creole woman. Madame X (Madame Pierre Gautreau), 1884, oil on canvas. 9. Public domain nude from the 1800's 10. E.J. Bellocq Clothed prostitute circa 1912 11. Julien Vallou de villenueve, photographer 12. Julien Vallou de villenueve, Daguerreotype 13. Anonymous daguerreotype 14. Untitled image 15. Zeigfield image 16. Typical prostitution 'Menu' of services, possibly from New York City 17. Anonymous image 18. & 19. Anonymous image 

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  1. Wow, Some great research there. Those old photos are amazing! I had no idea that people in the late 19th Century got up to such things... :-O