Friday, October 8, 2010

Caprici Capsulation Parlors by Mrs. F. A. Tasse

Caprici Capsulation Parlors
Mrs. F.A. Tasse, Having opened Caprici Capsulation Parlors at Twenty Second Street requests your patronage of the fast, smart & slow set.
The following are a few of our specialties:
French fashion with Finger in asshole $3.50
Common Old fashioned fuck $2.50 (... continued, below photo)

Diddling on the edge of the bed with one foot on the floor $2.00
Fucking the breast, with tits tight $1.75
Blowing in the asshole, new style $1.70
Finger fucking, with juice 50 cents
Dog fashion $2.80
Dry bob 49 cents
Sitting on prick, shoving in stones and all $2.59
One female suck off, stones in mouth $2.59
One fuck ten minute soak $2.65
Pinky's Special, under-fucking woman on top, tits in your face with extra ladies to play with your balls while blowing wind up your asshole with goose quill $30.00
Watching a fucking match, woman to jerk you off 75 cents
Squatting on prick 62 cents
Your prick sucked while sucking a woman's cunt $6.00
Maid to rub your tool, hard on guaranteed 75 cents
Free Back Scuddling while woman rubs your nuts with a feather. Must stay out of poop hole. 85 cents.
Asshole fucking for men over forty five, $1.00
Bob cocks and flat pricks, extra 50 cents
No discounts for cash. Stink finger jerk off matinees for young men under 21 every Wednesday from 2:30 to 4.
Customers must enter with cash in one hand and tool in the other.
If you are not a self-starter, stay home and jerk yourself off.

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  1. I haven't seen that much hair on me twat for many a rubs off or gets unfolicaled..I was surprised and a bit disturbed when I noticed..but at least the stach is gone, without electrolisis..who knew